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LIVE: Interview with Happymagenta Ltd. Joan and Blaze
Today, we finally had an interview with the Belarusian developer Happymagenta Ltd., that the App Store released games such as: Little Boat River Rush and Pilot's Path. Today we will talk about soon-facing applications Joan the Mad Run and Blaze. Questions about Joan the Mad Run answered lead designer of the project Joan the Mad Run - Artem Глущеня. On the question of the Blaze answered Alexander Novoselov - Executive Director Happymagenta and leading designer of the project Blaze. You are currently working on a runner Joan the Mad Run, tell us about it, as Joan went to jail us secretly?

Артём Глущеня: Joan the Mad Run is run n gun game, made in a retro manner. In this case, I mean not only the pixel graphics, but entourage, music and high complexity. By the mood of the game is close uncompromising militants of the last century: a lot of blood, a bit of madness, simple and intuitive hero. At least we are trying to achieve exactly this effect. In principle, Joan the Mad Run - this is the post-modern product, carefully пародирующее genre cliches and not only. Just look at the name of the heroine and her red arm band. As for the story, I would not like to disclose the inside story of what is happening. Let me just say that as you complete missions will open new content - location bosses and the plot. Furthermore, the history of the game tells the casual, that allows the player to search for meanings. The App Store is a great many of the runners than you can stand out among the huge number of games of this genre?

Артём Глущеня: The game is not a runner in a pure form. A small mix of genres on the fact seriously affects the gameplay. As for competitive advantage, the game has a lot of chips to move it to the genre of arcade: boss fights, a vast Arsenal, bleeding, secrets, and more. What would have happened if Metal Slug was implemented in the genre of the infinite runner? About a problem we are solving. Sometimes it is a shame that games no support for the Russian language, as will be the case with the Russian language?

Артём Глущеня: We plan localization in several languages. Including Russian. Probably will support internal purchases - that it will be possible to buy the coins: skills, stabbing cutting weapons or something else?

Артём Глущеня: Will shop, but without IAP - coins could be earned only in the gameplay. The game can be bought new and upgrade existing weapon. Additionally, you will improve Powerups and buy various utilities. Why it was decided to make pixel graphics for the game, and not modern, say on the Unreal Engine?

Артём Глущеня: We believe that such graphics enough to convey the essence and not to delay the development of the years. As they come to you, the idea to create the game? You discuss, ask the opinions of others... As all of you goes from a pencil to release the App Store?

Артём Глущеня: In this case, the game was born spontaneously. Joan the Mad Run began with the drawing. I just drew a picture and showed it to colleagues and outlined the essence of the matter. The concept was liked by everyone and ideas poured as from a cornucopia. We were inspired by the variety of games that love is here Wolfenstein, Hotline Miami, Metal Slug, Contra and so on. Certainly, the development process is accompanied by discussions and to this day, many questioned, the removed, added and this will continue until the release. Sometimes it's quite hard not to go to extremes. In any case, we sincerely try to make a game that would want to buy. By the way, screenshot, which you can see below, we show for the first time specially for you. Which devices will support Joan the Mad Run and how much it will cost?

Артём Глущеня: The game will support all the iOS device with OpenGL 2.0, i.e. all devices starting with the iPhone 3Gs. In addition, it is planned to support iCade and output on TV, as it was implemented in our project Pilot's Path. As for the price, we haven't decided yet, but in any case, it will be the Premium model without IAP. I also know that after Joan the Mad Run immediately start work on a new project Blaze, that is, tell us about it?

Александр Новосёлов: Imagine the following picture. The near future. Global climate change, water scarcity and fall of the civil law changed the world beyond recognition. Society is divided into small aggressive teams practicing looting and banditry. In the midst of this chaos and discord our lone hero tries to find the illusive secret oasis. Blaze be an arcade/action different complicated situations, the solution of which is necessary in order to survive and continue the struggle. Gameplay will change constantly, alternating aggressive attack and defense of their territory with the search items and trade. Suppose vehicle hero was damaged, and now he needs to find work items. The repair will take time and protection, so sometimes our hero will have to fight back using a stationary automatic weapons. Wishing to get their belongings hero of good will not have to search. And the enemy is not limited to homo sapiens. In addition, at the end of each location you encounter enemies, possessing special skills, for the victory over the weapons will be not enough. Thank you for the interview, I wish your game blew up TOP! What do you wish us and our fans?

Артём Глущеня: Thank you for your interesting questions. I wish you and your fans realize their ideas, projects and plans. And all the good and bad. Thank you.